We are custodians, as well as educational advisors, who support students in their daily life with academic and emotional care.
We strive to provide support that students, parents and guardians can all rely on.

  • Academic Life CoachingAcademic Life Coaching

    Academic Life Coaching

    We help you choose a department or course at a college or university, collect information about your possible academic paths, and advise you on how to plan to achieve your goals.
    We provide compassionate, sincere and effective coaching to ensure a fulfilling and satisfying study abroad experience.
    Eligibility: high school students (15 years old+)

  • Custodian Program (Localized Service)Custodian Program (Localized Service)

    Custodian Program
    (Localized Service)

    We provide high-quality and reliable custodian services, with the option to include academic coaching, to international students who are minors (19 years old or younger in British Columbia) in West Vancouver and North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
    A Custodian is a person who takes legal responsibility for minors.
    Eligibility: International students attending (or planning to attend) high school or university in British Columbia who are minors.



We would like to help create a multicultural society where everyone has an inclusive leadership mindset,
where people from diverse backgrounds are listened to and cared for, and where differences of opinion are respected.

We create and implement leadership development education and personal development programs that make each individual shine. Super Leaders not only lead a group but also:

  • Trust and respect others
  • Are considerate, empathetic and can support others
  • Can listen to different opinions without prejudice and
    make use of them to thrive


AK JUMP draws on three established coaching methods.
Our coaching applies a mixture of the three methods to obtain the best outcome for each client, focusing on developing a multi-skilled and competent global leader.

  • The Socratic Method

    By asking a variety of questions and exploring the student's ideas, we help them discover what they want to do and foster their independence, self-affirmation, and motivation. We help students find subjects, departments, faculties, colleges and universities that they feel passionate about and match their interests.

  • The Scientific

    Critical thinking, analytical skills, debate skills, problem-solving and communication skills will be emphasized for developing individual decision-making skills. Students will be encouraged to be able to explain their ideas by looking at them from different dimensions.

  • The Culturally
    Sensitive Method

    We assist students in gaining self-esteem, bridging gaps between host and home cultures by explaining differences in values, norms and rituals. We also help students feel assured of their identity in the host society.

Process and PricingProcess and Pricing


Our process starts with an on-line assessment to:

  • 1) Learn about each other and build a trusting relationship.
  • 2) Communicate and exchange necessary information such as family background, student profile (e.g., personality and health issues) and international educational purpose.
  • 3) Determine whether the student will be a good match for our services, and vice versa.
  • 4) Move to a legal contract,
    if the match is successful.
  • Custodian and Academic Life Coaching Combined Package

    $450per monthRecommended plan

    【Scheduled Contacts】

    Weekly contact with students and parents (to provide any relevant school updates). Monthly one-hour update and Q&A sessions with parents.
    Monthly one-hour academic advice session with students.


    Our best value package, providing both custodianship and academic advice. Specifically, we focus on communicating and mediating between the school,
    host families, students’ families and teachers.
    This package provides the greatest benefit, and allows students to maximize their study abroad experience, putting them at the head of the educational race.

    【Free option】Emergency Contact: 24 hours a day.

  • Custodianship Only

    $300 per month

    【Scheduled Contacts】

    Weekly one-hour (maximum) contact with students.
    Monthly one-hour (maximum) contact with parents.
    Monitoring and communication with schools (teachers, administration, counsellors) on an as-needed basis.


    Our value plan, providing custodianship, plus regular communication with students, schools and parents. Specifically, we focus on cross-cultural communications and mediating between the school, host families, students’ families, and teachers.

    【Free option】Emergency Contact: 24 hours a day.

  • Academic Advice Only

    $600for 10 Sessionsor $65/hour


    Our core offering, working with students to help them explore their post-secondary options in Canada with a focus on exploring a wide range of options and building the tools for academic and
    life success.
    How to determine what is a "good school" for each individual.
    How to write profile essays.

    We have two Academic advice service options as follows:

    (1) Ad-hoc one-hour single consultation (on an as-needed basis).

    (2) 10-session college preparatory course - our structured, high-value program, with a focus on helping students

  • We are available for questions and inquiry consultations at any time via email or social media.
  • All services include 2 hours of non-scheduled contact per month.


  • Student A (currently a sophomore at a university in BC)

    Student A (currently a sophomore at a university in BC)

    “I was about to get my admission to a university revoked, and I also almost failed to meet the minimum passing marks for required courses. AK JUMP helped me get through this tough time and now I am getting good grades and enjoying my Canadian university life with their continuous support.
    I am very active on campus working as a community engagement leader for students and also working at a local restaurant to improve my communication and group work skills, which are vital to succeed in the global competition”.

  • Student B(currently a 12th-grade high school student preparing for college)

    Student B (currently a 12th-grade high school student preparing for college)

    Compared to other coaching I received from study abroad agents,I was amazed at the amount of information provided to me about college admissions by AK JUMP. They were very supportive in terms of what I wanted to do and helped me to broaden my path.

  • 保護者Yさん

    Parent Y

    I feel that my son was treated like a member of the family. He participated in many AK JUMP family events such as the Thanksgiving family party and Christmas party. They attended my child's school events as well. Also, when my son was injured, AK JUMP listened to the doctor at the hospital and took care to ensure proper treatment. In addition, through club activities and volunteer activities, we also received support to connect with the surrounding community. I am sincerely grateful.

Social MediaSocial Media

The latest information is updated on Facebook and Instagram.



Miki Takabayashi

Miki Takabayashi

Born in Japan, lived in Canada,
the United States and the United Kingdom for a total of 27 years.
Miki graduated from the University of Calgary, Canada, Faculty of Asian Studies,
and The London School of Economics and Political Science,
Faculty of Economic History.
She is an educational consultant,
and diversity and inclusion promoter,
working with a variety of groups on Canadian immigrant issues,
particularly as they relate to youth,
education and community engagement.
Miki is a director at the Japan-Canada Chamber of Commerce, where she helps foster economic and social relations, and ties between Japan and Canada, and helps develop community engagement activities.

Blair Jordan

Blair Jordan

Born in Nanaimo BC, Canada. He completed his post-graduate degrees at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Law, and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. He spent his banking and legal career working in New York, London and Tokyo and Vancouver. He is currently a financial consultant in Vancouver, where he acts as a consultant, director and/or CEO/CFO for many Canadian companies.
Miki and Blair’s children are 16 and13 years old currently. They are active, trilingual teenagers attending the French Immersion school in West Vancouver.